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We, that is the band members of Darwin and the Dinosaur, being Alan (Vocals & Guitar), Steve (Guitar and Backing Vocals), James (Bass) and Joe (Drums) would like to say a huge 'Thank You' to everyone who has supported us on our amazingly fun journey as a band.

We have had the privilege of playing shows for so many amazing people, in some truly awesome venues with some of our favourite bands. Touring Europe and the UK has enabled us to form friendships in places we never thought we would get to and given us memories we will never forget.

We also owe a great deal to Charlie Wallis Photography, Sunny Winter and Mulley for their help and support. Without those guys we would not have been able to achieve even half the things we have been lucky enough to do. You are all amazing and we love you very much.

Our last show with Tellison, Other Half and The Spills was the perfect end and we cannot thank everyone enough for coming out and sending us off in style! Tellison smashed it too! It was amazing to have Ben and Alex there with us too, as those guys were the original foundations of Darwin and the Dinosaur.

If you never managed to pick up any physical merchanduse at any of our concerts, we are having a bit of a sale so head on over to: darwinandthedinosaur.bigcartel.com Where you can buy our colour vinyl LP, CDs and T-shirts with cheap postage and packing costs too.

We are grateful for your support over the years. Thank you!


Thank you for your support and we hope that you continue to enjoy our music as Darwin and the Dinosaur and a good memory associated with it. In the meantime, you can follow our individual solo musical careers and may be another short reunion such as the one in April 2016 in our home town of Norwich.

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